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This is an add-on working with Kong-theme and Kong Website Builder to provide single portfolio page, portfolio archive and portfolio widgets.

Location: kong-package/extension/kong-portfolio.zip


  1. From Admin Dashboard Sidebar select PluginsAdd New
  2. Click Upload Plugin button then upload the kong-portfolio.zip file and activate it.
  3. Afterward, select Site Options then click Save to update the new options
  4. Finally, select Site OptionsLive Customizer then click Save to generate new styles from the new options.

Create and edit a new Portfolio

To create a portfolio, on Admin Dashboard Sidebar click PortfolioAdd New.

After that, you are able to modify the portfolio settings and edit its content. You can either choose to edit the content by WordPress default editor or by our page builder.

Portfolio Setting

Live Customizer

Once the Portfolio was activated, there are two additional tabs on the Live Customizer.

Portfolio Cutomizer

Page Builder Widgets

The portfolio add-on provides three more Page Builder Widgets for you to build your own portfolio page. They are Portfolio Grid Widget, Portfolio Filter Widget and Portfolio Full Widget. Just open Widget Tab and type portfolio into the search box to filter the widgets.

Portfolio Widgets