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Quick Look on Website Builder

It is highly recommended for you to go through this page for understanding basic ideas behind the Plugin.

The Plugin is powered by the four core tools including Live Customizer, Page Builder, Header Builder and Footer Builder. All the tools are combined to a Plugins called Libra Website Builder.

Following are the short description for each system.

Consistent Ecosystem

Although each visual builder tool is completely a dependent app, we commit to ensure consistency in User Interfaces , which will develop a harmonious routine when you build your website with KONG.

Frontend Working Environment

Most of your time will spend on Frontend Working Environment. Each system interface is minimal by design. They are divided in to two main areas

System Switch

Page Builder’s Interface

UI Editors

UIs like as sliders, colorpickers are core components of the app. They are consistent across our systems and responsible for changes in your site’s layout and style.

System Switch

Editor UI (on the left) of Footer Builder

Systems Switch

Although these System work independently with each other, it is easy to switch between each by clicking on the PLUS icon on the top left of the System Sidebar. Then, a popup will show options to help you navigate to another System.

System Switch

Navigating to other Systems from Page Builder’s Interface

Responsive Settings

Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).

Kong features many options to help you build beautiful responsive web pages.

Resize Preview Area

It is easy to resize the preview screen to tablet and mobile devices. Simply click on device’s icons on the bottom of Sidebars or pressing , , or

System Switch

View your layout displayed on different Devices

Responsive Editors

With Kong you are able to specifically modify style models for tablet and mobile devices via responsive Editors. If you see three icons of devices on the top right of UI editors, this means these editors support responsive mode.

System Switch

Responsive Slider

System Switch

Edit font size for different Screen Sizes


Every App in the Ecosystem supports keyboard shortcuts, like closing a popup with or duplicating a widget by . Mastering these shortcuts really helps to increase your productivity, get your job done faster.

To show available shortcuts on the using System, click on PLUSHelp or simply press . You also can look up those Shortcuts from the Document


Starting from scratch each time you need a frequently-used Layout or Style is inefficient use of your talent. With every single App in our Ecosystem, you can create templates to save you both time and effort. Additionally, there are further options to import or export those templates. For detailed information, please visit: