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Upload Your Own Font

If the font you want is not already in the Google or Typekit font library, KONG provides options to add custom fonts to your site.

How to upload

First you will need your custom font in OTF or TTF format. If you don’t have any, FontSquirrel and Dafont could be a good source. Once you have the font you will now need to convert it. You will need to upload the OTF or TTF files to a font generator. Normally, we use the one from FontSquirrel.

Using the generator will convert your OTF or TTF files into formats that will work on all browsers, mobile and tablets.

After that, from Site Options navigate to TypographyUploaded Fonts. Click Add New button then fill the font-family name and upload the font files to the right fields.


After all done, you have already store the custom font in a library but it will be inactive. To enable the font for your site, turn on the switch button displayed on the right side of the font.

Once you already activate the custom font, for any Font Source field from the ecosystem, you are able to select the custom font from the Uploaded Font List.